SPYR Technologies (SPYR) is a technology company that, through its subsidiary, Applied MagiX, Inc., develops and resells Apple® ecosystem compatible products with an emphasis on the growing multi-billion-dollar smart home market. SPYR continues to identify and target acquisitions that will grow its footprint in the industry and expand the products it offers consumers, including companies developing artificial intelligence and smart-technology products.

SPYR’S Holdings

Applied MagiX.

On October 20, 2020, SPYR acquired Applied MagiX, Inc., a registered Apple developer, and reseller of Apple ecosystem compatible products with an emphasis on the growing multi-billion dollar smart home market, as its wholly-owned subsidiary. Applied MagiX operates in the “Internet of Things” (IoT) market, and more specifically, the segment of the market related to the development, manufacture, and sale of devices and accessories specifically built on Apple’s HomeKit® framework. These products work within the Apple® HomeKit ecosystem and are exclusive to the Apple market and its consumers. Initially, while working to develop, manufacture and sell its own line of branded products, Applied MagiX will be sourcing HomeKit products and accessories from worldwide manufacturers, vetting and selecting best-of-breed products, selling them direct and supporting them.