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SPYR is a diversified holding company with wholly owned subsidiaries in the mobile gaming and hospitality industries. As a part of a long term strategy, SPYR is looking to acquire and grow businesses that generate strong revenue or have IP that is deemed valuable. In order to maximize value for our shareholders, acquisition targets include companies with strong leadership that generate attractive returns and significant cash flow.


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spyr's holdings


SPYR APPS, LLC creates and publishes fun and engaging social games for mobile devices under its SPYR Games brand (see spyrgames.com). Utilizing the popular "freemium" monetization model, which leverages advertising as well as in-app purchases, SPYR APPS intends to continue to grow our social gaming portfolio as well as other mobile apps and platforms.

E.A.J. PHL Airport Inc. operated an “American Diner” theme restaurant located in the Philadelphia International Airport until its lease recently expired on April 30, 2017. SPYR, Inc. intends to spin off this subsidiary into its own publicly trading entity that will continue operating in the food industry through potential licensing or franchising under the Eat at Joe’s® name or through acquisition of other companies in the industry.